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Social Issues



In today's fast paced world, technology has increased the speed at which we communicate and also the exposure of our messages.  With the additional access to media sources, social networking, e-mail and text messaging we now more than ever need to be aware of how our words, pictures and videos are received.  The consequences of what we share or post can affect peoples' feelings and lives.  Before you post or share something, stop and think about the intended and unintended consequences of your actions.


For more information on bullying/cyberbullying, the affects and how to deal with bullying and parenting tips, please click on the links below:


My Turn: Tips for parents on dealing with bullying By Dr. David Fassler • Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Bullying harms kids' mental health: study

School bullying has long-lasting effects, from the Harvard Mental Health Letter


Eyes on Bullying


For information on some of the current studies and research on how digital media and interactive media affect children and teens you can visit:   Childrens' Digital Media Center @ Los Angeles


We need to think ahead when using cyber space and behave as though we are engaging in personal, face-to-face exchanges, accepting the same responsibilities. - Christie Toribara


How we treat others often times shows the world how we feel about ourselves.  - Susan Toribara


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