Thank You

We want to thank our sponsors and corporate donors. Without the support of our trusted and valued sponsors, we would not be able to continue our mission to help young people. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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QPR Institute
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When people are asked, “What is our community’s most valuable asset?” - The answer is our children.

The most important investment to ensure a positive future is in our children.  
Education is not just about focusing on school curriculum, but also about achieving emotional maturity – a kind of young maturity that comes from being mentored, guided, and counseled by adults who are emotionally mature, capable, thoughtful, and wise.

In addition to providing opportunities for children to learn life-skills, SMILE’s mission includes making sure the adults helping our young people master life-skills know all they can about how best to raise our children to the level of emotional maturity we all respect: a child who is thoughtful, reflective, kind, civil, respectful of others, and who has the self-confidence to bounce back from life’s disappointments and move forward to new challenges and a bright future. 
We at SMILE need your help to do this important work.  By giving to SMILE you give to your community and you’re helping to ensure a bright future for our young people and future generations. 

The work done by SMILE is through highly experienced, dedicated professionals who volunteer their time to ensure that donations are maximized towards helping our youth become empowered and resilient - creating a stronger community.

Tax Deductible Donations can be sent to:


P.O. Box 30357
Spokane, WA 99223

Please consider long-term outcomes in estate planning. 


With your donations, SMILE is able to continue our work by:
Providing Anti-Bullying Educational Grants to Washington & Oregon schools - We help over 100,000 students and staff ($750 helps one school)
Providing the NEW ESD101 Grant for Trauma and Crisis Response for six regions & 59 school districts
Funding the Libby Project (since 1997) - Artists work with over 500 students annually in workshops to increase and promote creativity, communication, cooperative learning, and language skills ($100 educates 10 students)
Providing Grants to the Molalla River School District – Supporting STEM, Team Building & Anti-Bullying Projects (8 years) – focus on cooperative learning & problem solving ($100 educates 10 students
Portland State University Graduate Scholarship- supporting the study of affordable housing
Presenting the Annual Educational Conference Early Prevention, Future Success since 2000 - Annual accredited education covering various aspects of trauma and social issues ($9,500; $50=1 student scholarship)
Researching, Developing & Distributing Educational Materials to schools, families, counselors, and medical professionals – including Gluten Free cookbooks & Grieving Resource Guide ($2,000 per publication)